We are starting this blog in hopes of keeping you guys updated on our status with new arrivals, back orders, the state of our brand, and much more.

It's been quite the journey to be able to get to this point with bringing you all a much bigger storefront with a beautiful design.

We are constantly updating the navigation so that you are able to easily get to the pieces and styles you desire.

And as always, we are always going to list reasonable prices. I've seen so many street goth outlets out there trying to push a hoodie that's well in the $30 dollar range for $60+. You will never see anything so greedy here. That's because my team and I have been rocking Goth Ninja and Street Goth style for years now. You may have caught me on forums such as malefashionadvice and /fa/ if you are a true avant-garde OG.

It's amazing watching the style and scene evolve, and we saw an opportunity to become apart of that. Our main goal is to create a price-range for those who can't drop $500+ on brands like Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Damir Doma, etc, and to bring a platform for rookies to the scene. But even if you do rock high-end brands, this store also caters to veterans who are looking for affordable pieces to complete their fits.

All in all, we do our best to maintain a certain quality despite the wholesale prices that we have worked hard to achieve. In the end, we hope that we create a platform for people to explore styles and fits. And the number one way to accomplish that is to be free from unreasonable prices...


Much love,



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