How's everyone doing? We got some great news regarding new arrivals....

We are working hard on bringing some very obscure styles, and the main one we're working on right now is Lunar Core.

We know. Pretty obscure and niche but damn it, isn't Street Goth just as obscure? Perhaps not, but we love Lunar Core. If you guys haven't heard of it, catch an upcoming post where we showcase some of the sickest Lunar Core fits on the web. I wonder if Lunar Core will go through a renaming phase just like Goth Ninja did...What would it be called? Blade Runner Core? Ahaha.

And of course, I am always working on my own personal high-end releases. Once we have enough substantial designs we will do a major release with amazing prices. They will mainly be focused on Avant-garde style since that's my personal favorite style and passion.

But other than that, there are always new products on the back-end being prepped so that everything is pristine for IAMNOCTURNAL storefront. Don't forget to give us feedback at! Creating an amazing customer care is our number one priority here, and we absolutely mean that. We care about the fam deeply, it's why we do what we do. So don't hesitate!

Much love,


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